Tank Manufacturing Plant Exclusively for Stainless Steel Products

Automatic Oil Cooling Cylinder  of Cooling and Air Removal

Ultra-small Rotary Encoder among World’s Smalles

Wireless Caliper

Centrifuge with Dramatically Improved Filtration Efficiency

App-less Video Calling Service

Jig Production Technology that Incorporates Gage Production Technology with Submicron Precision

Low Cost General Purpose Isolation Amplifier

Net Shape Technology

Fuel Cell Separator

Unique die technology enables all-in-one molding of blower fans with complex shapes

Scudding burr-free processing technology for high-tensile steel components

Taste Sensor Capable of Quantifying Tastes「TS-5000Z」

Sputtering system that can dry-coat 5-micron powder

Spring filter with long working life

Rehabilitation support robot “R-cloud” makes muscle movement visible

Hybrid 3D Printer Using 5-Axis Control

Making traditional hand-crafted lanterns as commercial products

Robotic hand changer enabling high-precision docking through dual surface resting